Disaster Preparedness Must Include Your Pets

Posted by SusanStokes on January 15, 2019

Sometimes you have ample warning, and sometimes you have little time to prepare yourself and those you love (including your pets) for emergency and disaster relief. Disasters can take many forms: floods, hurricanes, frigid winter temperatures, overwhelming snow storms, nor'easters, fires, explosions. How many more ways can I name?  It's imperative you have a plan for yourself and your loved ones. And remember, pets are family, so please take them into consideration. Your livestock deserve consideration too. Following are some steps you can take for your pets.

Central Jersey Cat Fanciers is staging their seventeenth annual cat show at the Hanover Marriott in Whippany, New Jersey, on January 5-6, 2019. The event will host approximately 200 cats from all over the country as well as outside the United States. 

New Year, New You

Posted by SusanStokes on January 1, 2019

Every New Year brings with it a chance for personal renewal and change. But sometimes, one must look back before one can move forward. So take a moment my friends to reflect, then move forward with commitment and dedication to your goals. Wishing a happy, healthy and successful New Year for us all - human and animal friends!

Happy New Year Gemini 2019.jpg

Susan, Taurus, Gemini and Scorpio

Christmas Time is Here...

Posted by SusanStokes on December 23, 2018

Happiness and cheer. Fun for all that children call their favorite time of the year...  I can't help but hear that Charlie Brown Christmas song play over and over in my head as I write.  It's definitely my favorite time of year, and our opportunity to extend our very best wishes for a happy holiday season to all.

Merry Christmas Gemini 2018.jpg

Live Reindeer Attracts Crowds at the Christmas Festival

Posted by SusanStokes on December 10, 2018

The annual Christmas Festival in Hillsborough, New Jersey, drew crowds not only for Santa, a Christmas Tree lighting, music, and games, but the chance to meet a live Reindeer!  Thunder made his debut, and he did not disappoint!

A simple blood test can be lifesaving for cats with heart disease

Posted by SusanStokes on November 13, 2018

Heart disease is the silent killer of cats. One in six cats can be born with and develop heart disease in their lifetime. There are no outward symptoms, but now there is a blood test called a proBNP test that can detect heart disease earlier.

Birds Require Specialized Veterinary Care

Posted by SusanStokes on November 6, 2018

If you are a first-time bird owner or want to be, now is a good time to brush up on bird care for their continued health and well-being, especially before you run out to a shelter and bring home that special rescue pet for your very own.

Black cats get a bad rap even on Halloween

Posted by SusanStokes on October 31, 2018

Halloween and black cats go hand in hand.  However, did you know that adoption data has indicated that black cats stay longer in shelters and are considered less adoptable than cats of other colors?  Our black feline friends are therefore subject to needless euthanasia more so than other pets.

When it comes to pet health and welfare, many animals are lucky enough to be in good homes, loved as a family member, and well cared for by their pet parents. However, some animals are not so lucky. Thousands of cases of animal cruelty are reported each year while it is estimated that thousands of cases go unreported.

East Asian (Longhorned) Tick found in Somerset County, New Jersey

Posted by SusanStokes on September 22, 2018

Because ticks pose such a health threat to both pets and people, it’s important to stay aware of tick migrations taking place in our area and be diligent with parasite protection. We’ve been following the migration of the East Asian tick (also known as the Longhorned tick) since its discovery in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, back in November 2017. According to recent updates by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, the Longhorned tick has now made its way to our own Somerset County along with Hunterdon, Union, Middlesex, Mercer, Bergen and Monmouth Counties.