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Event News: Beating the Climate Crisis

Posted by SusanStokes on April 10, 2022

As we head further into 2022, climate change effects are now pervasive all across the world. We see weather extremes fueling natural disasters that make food and water insecurity even more widely felt by populations already challenged and underserved. The Arctic is melting and sea levels continue to rise. Oceans are acidifying and coral reefs are dying. Mother Earth is in need of bold and collective action if she is to sustain future generations. 

“What can I do now to help?” you ask. Join us April 28th, 7 pm EST for Beating the Climate Crisis, an online Zoom event led by Laura Nettleton and hosted by OMA Pittsburgh.

During this presentation, Nettleton will discuss the insights she’s gained from 35 years in sustainability practice as well as the changes that cultures need to make in order to thrive. She will provide her thoughts about guidelines for that change, and she will ask the participants for their ideas, making this a lively, interactive discussion.

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“If we want to stop the crisis, we must learn to stop our denial, we must change our culture and ourselves. It is an opportunity that no other generation has had.”

Laura Nettleton has practiced architecture for 35 years with a focus on sustainability. Her projects have served low-income communities, non-profits, and underserved populations. She has written about environmental issues and worked to create awareness locally and nationally about sustainable solutions in the built environment.

Find further details and register at: https://omapittsburgh.org/event/beating-the-climate-crisis/