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by: Susan Stokes

Nonprofit organization produces documentary about feral cats

Posted by SusanStokes on August 31, 2014

A recently organized nonprofit organization called Photographers for Animals is run by a husband and wife photography and videography team based in Baltimore. Their current project? Producing a documentary about feral cats.

Elizabeth and Jason Putsche have compiled a beautiful collection of photography over a five year period and have undertaken the task to produce this documentary that details the lives of feral cats as well as the people and programs that help them.


Elizabeth Putsche is an animal advocate. She founded the 501(c)(3) organization and uses film and photography to inspire positive change for animals. Photographers for Animals produces documentaries, online videos, and photographs independently and in conjunction with other animal protection organizations to raise awareness of animal issues.


Elizabeth Putsche had this to say in her recent press release about the project:  

“Many people draw a distinction between their pet cats and cats that live outside, but they are really the same. The care and compassion we give our animals at home should be extended to these cats, even if we can’t pet them. Each has a personality and individuality—and each has a story to tell.” 

“There are a lot of misconceptions about community cats. We want people to see them as they truly are - independent, healthy, loved, and thriving outdoors.”

The Putsches work with caregivers who feed colonies of cats on a regular schedule.

Susan, Taurus and Gemini



Posted by Smith on
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Posted by Raja on
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Posted by Mazan on
I just recently aedotpd a kitten and I already have a cat. And after the hissy fits subsided, they started eating the others food. The kitten eats the cat food, the cat eats the kitten food. I put the food bowls in separate rooms But they just go to the other bowl and eat out of that one. What do I do? How bad is it for a kitten to eat cat food? Or a cat to eat kitten food?
Posted by Susan on
Hi Mazan, Pet foods are formulated for stages of growth. Although your cat most likely would not be harmed by eating kitten food occasionally, and vice versa, they might not be getting the exact balance of nutrients they each need for their stage of life. Try closing a door to separate them in rooms, if you can, then pick up the food when each is done.
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