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by: Susan Stokes

Inspiration New Beginnings...

Posted by SusanStokes on October 3, 2011

Kitty's Story

Kitty was the feral cat I took into my home and domesticated.  Yes, he learned to purr, sit on my lap and enjoy being petted and brushed, snuggle on my shoulder, and curl up in bed at night.  I was extremely patient with him, and we took each day step-by-step.

He was the first cat I had ever cared for through end of life, and his ashes are safely stored in a little box on my wall unit shelf.  He was diagnosed FIV by Dr. Joe Martins of Belle Mead Animal Hospital.  And so began my long journey into how to best care for him and how to treat him holistically so his immune system remained strong.  It was through trial and error, and reading many books and spending  long hours searching the internet for information that I settled on a treatment plan with Dr. Martins as my partner.  The treatment plan included regular blood work and high quality food with a vitamin powder that was formulated especially for him.

Through Kitty I came to understand why stray and feral cats need to be spayed and neutered, why they need to be cared for in a special way, and why they should never be dismissed as wild, threatening and unnecessary creatures.  These cats have spirit, and all they require is a place to call home with caring human interaction to supply food and necessary medical care.

Kitty is the inspiration for this website.  He was the reason I took in two small kittens born to a feral mom five days after he passed away.  Luckily, those kittens were rescued and bottle fed by a caring friend who now leads the TNR program in the development where we live.  And mom cat was taken indoors by her caregiver.  So the story does have a happy ending - and a new beginning.


My beloved Kitty.  May he Rest in Peace and be always in my heart.

With love,

Susan, Taurus and Gemini