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Canada Post Launches Dog Safety Campaign

Posted by SusanStokes on June 27, 2019

Have you ever considered what your local postal worker experiences when faced with unfamilar pets while trying to do their job? Canada Post has and they launched a national dog campaign to raise awareness about how dog owners can help postal workers prevent dog-related incidents.

According to their press release, an estimated 41 per cent of Canadian households have dogs. Postal employees see dogs every day while delivering mail and parcels in neighborhoods, especially during summer months when they see an increase in dog-related incidents. Canada Post launched a campaign asking dog owners to help keep workers safe by keeping their dogs secure and at a safe distance.

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Canada Post reports there are more than 300 delivery agents in Victoria, and dozens are involved in dog-related incidents every year.Dogs can be protective of their home and their family, and it's impossible for delivery agents to know how any dog will react when they approach a home to deliver the mail.

The national dog campaign includes handouts that discuss some of the obstacles delivery agents can face, and what dog owners can do to help keep them, and their pets, safe. A short video to raise awareness about this issue was also launched across Canada Post's social media channels.

Here are some tips Canada Post recommends to dog owners:

  • Be careful when answering the door, so your dog does not slip out.
  • Keep dogs inside, in a fenced yard, or tied up far from the front door or mailbox.
  • Keep front doors and fence gates closed.
  • Keep dogs away from the screen door, even if it is locked.

We think these tips are a good practice here in the United States and wherever one might live. Let's all help to keep our postal workers safe!

Learn more about the campaign here: national dog campaign

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