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Custom Weight Loss Program for Dogs

Posted by SusanStokes on September 28, 2021

A technology company called DogYears has a mission to help pet owners get their 50+ million overweight and obese dogs in the United States down to their healthy weight. DogYears has worked closely with veterinarians to develop a powerful, easy to follow, tech-enabled solution to provide dog owners a custom program for their dog’s weight loss. 

“This is like a personalized ‘Weight Watchers’ program for dogs,” said DogYears CEO Al Fosmoe. “The eye-opening fact is, overweight dogs can literally lose years of their lives due to being overweight. Excess weight increases a dog’s risk of developing many serious and even life-threatening health conditions including orthopedic and joint problems, osteoarthritis, heart disease, skin and respiratory issues, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Additionally, health problems arising from being overweight can cost pet owners thousands of dollars in vet bills. We developed the DogYears platform for dogs of any size to effectively lose weight, and we’re on a mission to literally save one million dog years.” 

Enrollment in the DogYears program begins with a health evaluation by their veterinarian and a customized feeding program that follows the gold standard American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) guidelines. The program also includes a treating  and exercise plan, progress trackers, educational videos, helpful hints, and personalized support from the DogYears team. Working with your family veterinarian ensures the dog's weight loss success and maintenance program.

Look for the DogYears app online for more information.

Source: Press Release, September 2021