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Introducing Gemini Universal LLC

Posted by SusanStokes on September 8, 2011

Getting Started.....

Hello and Welcome to Gemini Universal LLC.

As a freelance writer, my goal with this site is not only to highlight my services to others, but to inform, enlighten, and  sometimes entertain you with information and news about animals and pets. The topics will range from my own experiences at events and fundraisers as well as news about pet health, animal rescue, animal welfare, endangered species, conservation and climate change. We are all connected.

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Content here has been been inspired by my very own pets. We all have our own story to tell, and throughout this site I also hope to tell my story about the animals, people, and events that interest me, and I hope will also be of interest to you.

I invite you to visit here often, follow us on Social Media, and write to me at info@GeminiUniversal.com if you also have a story to tell or are in need of help with your own business project.  Learn more on our Contact Page and Services Page.

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Susan and Gemini