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Yoga and Pets

Posted by SusanStokes on December 28, 2011

Asanas for Animals and More

I was always interested in fitness, dancing, and the Eastern way of thought, so incorporating a regular yoga practice into my life was a natural progression as I searched for different ways to stay physically fit and healthy.  Lucky for me, yoga has become very popular in our Western world and classes are easy to find.  But lately I have noticed another trend, and that is combining yoga practice with pets and to benefit pets.

Now I see the marriage of yoga with pets everywhere.  From calendars


to ornamental items.  I was very happy to receive this Zen Cat statue from one of my friends as a Christmas gift this year.  It will make its way to my patio as soon as the warm weather breaks.


And how about Doga – that’s Yoga for Dogs.  As noted in an article by Howard Wolinsky for WebVet and reviewed by Amy I. Attas, DVM:

“The idea has been spreading around the country. Classes, sometimes called "doga,'' rhyming with yoga, are being held in New York, California, and elsewhere around the country.

There's the book "Doga: Yoga For Dogs'' by Jennifer Brilliant and William Berloni.  And the Bodhi Store in Venice, Calif., and online at www.bodhitoys.com, offers toys for yogi doggies, such as the "Om ball,'' which when bounced plays a recording of the om chant recorded by yogi Bhagavan Das.”

Locally, Yoga Above in Princeton owned by Michael Cremone, will be sponsoring a New Year’s Day “Asanas for Animals” to benefit SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals.


Michael is active himself with the SAVE shelter, and you’ll often see photos on his studio’s Facebook page such as the one below, highlighting the way human and dog can interact and benefit from a yoga class.


I have not been too successful in getting my cats to practice yoga at home with me, and forget about taking them to a class.  At home while I practice they mostly want to sit on top of me, curl up next to me or just jump around me and play.  But I’ll keep trying.


Susan, Taurus and Gemini