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Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Posted by SusanStokes on December 25, 2015

Celebrating Christmas morning with my kitties! New toys are always fun!  Here is how the morning transpired.

We got this cool scratching post, but I'm not sure if it's better that they just bite it, or if the box it came in was more interesting!

IMG_20151225_094532986.jpg IMG_20151225_094526036.jpg IMG_20151225_094648243.jpg IMG_20151225_094653392.jpg

Then there are these cool mice filled with catnip! But the cardboard packaging was just as fun!

IMG_20151225_095602697.jpg IMG_20151225_094128815.jpg

And in the end, who needs toys when they have each other?


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the day! Enjoy!

Susan, Taurus, Gemini and Scorpio! (our baby of the family!)

Gemini__Taurus_Birthday_2012.jpg Scorpio.JPG