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Service Dog united with Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

Posted by SusanStokes on March 16, 2018

We have good news to report regarding of our most recent current cause!  Service dog, Nia Grace, has gone home to Greg Costa, traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor!  It was a wonderful and long-awaited reunion, and we cannot thank everyone enough for the donations and support of this cause.

It was definitely a team effort to make this happen, and Greg’s life will be forever changed for the better with Nia Grace finally by his side. Nia Grace was accompanied to Greg’s home by her two trainers from Wilderwood Service Dogs who facilitated the introduction and helped acclimate Nia Grace her to her new environment and responsibilities with Greg.  Even the foster family of the dog made a surprise visit who also played a significant role in Nia Grace’s development into an awesome service dog and perfect match for Greg.

Greg Costa and Nia Grace outdoors.jpeg  Greg Costa and Nia Grace touching noses.jpeg

Since we are writing this during March Brain Injury Awareness Month, this story takes on even more meaning for those in similar situations.  We learned through Greg that the foster parents of Nia Grace had a son, now deceased, who also suffered a TBI.  He would have been the same age as Greg if alive today. And the dog they fostered with love and care was eventually matched to a TBI survivor, Greg Costa.  Life certainly worked in mysterious ways to bring this group of individuals with similar experiences and the dog together for this shared cause. Coincidence or a grand message from the Universe?  You decide.

Read the full story of Greg and Nia Grace here.  

Thank you all for following along this journey with us.  Join us in wishing Greg and Nia Grace all the best in the future!

Susan, Taurus and Gemini