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A Great Blue Heron Encounter

Posted by SusanStokes on August 15, 2020

A regular Covid-19 Pandemic pastime of mine has become walking along a particular creek not far from my home and observing whatever wildlife I run across at the time. Imagine my surprise to come upon a Great Blue Heron. I was actually observing other birds when suddenly this majestic creature came into view.

With smartphone in hand, I managed to capture a video of this beautiful bird walking slowing through the water and taking flight.  I've since learned that wetland destruction in New Jersey has caused a decrease in heron populations from their historic numbers. Since the 1950s, habitat loss has occurred at an alarming rate in New Jersey, destroying wetlands critical to breeding herons. So my excitement has only increased with the knowledge that one has taken up residence so close by.

Other  Great Blue Heron facts include their hunting ability - they can hunt both day and night due to a high percentage of rod-type photoreceptors (cells in the retina that respond to light) in their eyes that improve their night vision. They can eat nearly anything within striking distance. Therefore, their diet is rich in fish, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals, insects, and even other birds. Herons nest in colonies called a "heronry" or “rookeries” in tall trees near bodies of water. 

Below is a video of my initial encounter with the Great Blue Heron. Rest assured I will continue to be in search of this awesome creature for days to come.

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