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New toys for the New Year!

Posted by SusanStokes on January 9, 2015

Santa was good to the boys this year! They were surprised with some great new toys that I want to share with you. Maybe your kitties will have the same great experience as mine are having with them in this New Year.

Somehow my kitties always seem to “know” when something is for them.  The new box, the new smell – and the way they look with anticipation as you unwrap the gift for them.

First up was the little rolling ball.  A bit of a mystery as to how to make it work.  Not quite their favorite.

ONE.jpg THREE.jpg


However, the Petlinks was a hit! My guys played for hours and the fun continues day after day!  It’s a battery operated chase toy with adjustable speeds.  The batteries required are three double AA’s – better buy a huge pack. If your kitty loves this toy as much as my cats do, you will be replenishing the batteries time and again!

IMG_20150104_102401807.jpg IMG_20150106_121924802.jpg

For some reason, the toy seems to provide comfort to Taurus. He will lay on it, seemingly mesmerized by the sight and sound at times – while other times he is up for the chase.


Meanwhile, baby Scorpio lays in wait, calculating his moment to pounce! Need a quick distraction from other unwanted behavior? Bring out the Petlinks!

A highly recommended toy for environmental enrichment!

Have a great day!

Susan, Taurus and Gemini



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