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Canada Geese Enjoy Family Time on Father’s Day

Posted by SusanStokes on June 19, 2017

It is Father’s Day, and I thought I would share some Canada Geese details since I have some geese families living nearby that I am able to observe. Geese are also very faithful to the area where they're hatched and reared and many exist here in areas of New Jersey year-round because they have established their home.

According to Ted Nichols, a wildlife biologist with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife in Woodbine, Canada geese were purposely placed in New Jersey by state and federal agencies and hunting clubs in the early 1900s and grew slowly until their population took off and their numbers exploded.

Canada Geese are actually known to be monogamous throughout their relatively long lives of 24 years on average. They mate when they are about two years old, picking partners similar to their own body size, weighing in anywhere from 2-14 pounds.  They average 5-6 offspring after a 24-28-day hatching period. The female incubates the eggs and the male guards them. It’s wise to use caution around geese because they have been known to chase and bite people in order to chase them away from their territory. They may perceive people as nest predators.

For more information on Canada geese in New Jersey, visit the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife website.

In the meantime, check out our video of a Canada Goose family who lives nearby. Happy Father's Day!

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