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A few words from Bo on this President’s Day

Posted by SusanStokes on February 18, 2013

Who is the real boss of Bo?

In light of President’s Day, I thought I would pay some tribute to our First Dog, Bo, a male Portuguese Water Dog and a breed less prone to arousing allergic reactions in humans. He was given as a gift to the Obamas by Senator Ted Kennedy. The Obamas in turn made a donation to the Humane Society of Washington, D.C. to help shelter pets. 

Bo has his own blog, you know, called Obama’s Dog Blog: Tails from the White House. "I suppose even First Dogs have to have rules, but I know it's awfully hard to say "No!" to when I stare up at Mom and Dad with my soulful brown eyes and give my head a slight tilt as if to say, Don't you love me?

When it comes to who lays down the law most often, I would have to say Mamo-O mainly because we spend more time together while Pops is off running the country. But I couldn't hope for a kinder "boss." She is simpatico to my impish ways. I can just feel the love whenever they talk about me! On the bed or off, I have no complaints. I have a loving family that adores me and spends lots and lots of time with me."

If only every do were as lucky...

Happy President's Day!

Susan, Gemini and Taurus