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Happy Birthday Gemini and Taurus!

Posted by SusanStokes on April 25, 2012

Calculating Cat age into Human age…

Happy Birthday Gemini and Taurus!  Although I don’t know the exact day the kittens were born (being feral and all), I always mark their birthdays each year sometime around April 20 since I do know they were born approximately the same week of the passing of my previous cat, Kitty.  It’s hard for me to believe that this year they turn seven.  So just how old is this in human years?

According to Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, a one-year-old cat is physiologically similar to a 16-year-old human, and a two-year-old cat is like a person of 21. For every year thereafter, each cat year is worth about four human years. Using this formula, a ten-year-old cat is similar age wise to a 53-year-old person, a 12-year-old cat to a 61-year-old person, and a 15-year-old cat to a person of 73.

By their account, Gemini and Taurus have now reached age 41 in human years. 


We found a site called Webvet that has a similar way to calculate.  

Assume that a 1-year-old cat is equal to a 15-year-old human and a 2-year-old cat is equal to a 24-year-old human. Then add four years for every year after that. (Example: A 4-year-old cat would be 32 in human years.)

By their account, Gemini and Taurus have reached 44 human years of age.


Then I found this handy way to figure it out on CalculatorCat.com by just plugging in my cat’s age in their handy calculator that figures it out for me.

By their account, Gemini and Taurus have reached 45 human years of age.

Hmmm…they seem to be getting older by the minute.


And finally, here’s a nice calculator on Catster.com that also compares an outdoor cat’s age as well as an indoor cat’s age to human years.

By their account, Gemini and Taurus have reached 44 human years of age. 













No matter what their age in human years, I love them both.  Happy Birthday kitties!



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