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Benefits of smart technology to monitor pets

Posted by SusanStokes on July 16, 2016

Family members lead very busy lives, and often pets are left at home alone under less than ideal circumstances. Pet parents can now call upon smart technology for the home to monitor their pets while away.

Perhaps there is a new puppy in the home that is still trying to learn how to behave in his/her new surroundings, or maybe the senior cat is suffering an illness that requires close attention for change in behavior or eating habits.

“Our clients with pets are finding comfort by using Wi-Fi video monitoring equipment,” said Dave Molnar, owner Dave's Computes Inc. “This new wave of smart home technology is helping to keep pet owners in touch with their dogs, cats and other pets while they are away from home. For example, the Scout 66 video camera can be accessed by using the free Hubble app. This technology makes it easy to stay connected with pets at home via live video streaming and up-to-date smart notifications.”

The number of companies that are crafting wearable gadgets just for pets is on the rise. Smart technology is now used in trackers and GPS collars for dogs and cats. The Kyon smart pet collar is one such product that takes the safety of your pet into account. Using built-in GPS and 3G radios, a water sensor detects if the pet is in danger of drowning, while the heat sensor sends alerts to the pet owner’s phone if the pet is accidentally left alone too long in a hot car.

Not only is a pet’s whereabouts and safety a concern, their health status is often an issue. Merck Animal Health recently launched a free app called the Pet Diabetes Tracker which can be easily used from the pet owner’s own smartphone or tablet. The beauty of this technology is that the pet owner can enter their pet’s blood glucose levels, food and water consumption, and body condition into the system, then transmit the information directly to their family veterinarian.

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With smart technology, the safety, health and well-being of pets has never been easier to monitor. With only a few of the ways pets can be monitored mentioned above, the possibilities seem endless.

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As published on Examiner.com