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by: Susan Stokes

Junior needs help!

Posted by SusanStokes on May 24, 2014

Junior is a one year old cat that was rescued from a feral colony. Unfortunately, he has a Portosystemic Shunt, otherwise known as a liver shunt. It is a condition where the blood vessel bypasses the liver, preventing the blood from being detoxified. The veterinarians feel he is a good candidate for surgery. This is a call out to anyone who can help fund this cat’s medical expense!

Here is what happens with this medical condition. The build-up of toxins in the system can cause Hepatic Encephalopathy. Symptoms such as circling, running into walls, head pressing, blindness, sudden aggression, drooling, and seizures may occur.

By the time the rescuers had a firm diagnosis, Junior was displaying most of the symptoms. The veterinary team at UC Davis said they needed to get him stabilized before a seizure killed him.

Thankfully, the prescription diet and medications have helped, and they can look at moving forward and having the liver shunt surgically repaired with an Ameroid Ring Constrictor. The Ameroid Ring slowly constricts the vessel over time until it closes off.  


Junior was part of the last litter of kittens out of a trailer park. The rescuers had been trapping regularly there for 4 years. Last May they not only caught the kittens but finally caught their mom.  Junior was too sick to be put up for adoption.

Junior is a cat that has stolen everyone’s hearts, including mine. Please help us save him by accessing the link below:

Update: Causewish / Junior's Medical Fund has been deactivated after receiving the necessary surgery.


On behalf of Junior, thanks for your help!

Susan, Taurus and Gemini



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