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Pet Sitting Service Teaches Concept of Pet Adoption at 4-H Fair

Posted by SusanStokes on August 15, 2017

When it comes to creativity, Lorrain Zdeb, owner of Love Your Pet, LLC pet sitting services, stands out from the crowd. Her table at the recent Somerset County 4-H Fair in Bridgewater, N.J., was teeming with visitors as folks stopped by to share their own personal love for their pet and win a prize just by doing so.

“This all started about 20 years ago, before cell phones became so popular,” said Zdeb. “I wanted to see if people really cared enough about their animals to carry a picture of their pet around in their wallet. I thought if they love their pet enough to carry their pet around with them, then I’m going to give them a prize.”

Zdeb collected photos from pet owners and incorporated the pictures of the pets in her 4-H display.

Love Your Pet Booth.jpg

“The activity just grew more and more over the years to the point that people who were here at the 4-H Fair with their animals started bringing their animals over to our table,” continued Zdeb.

The activity took on a new twist when mobile phones became popular, making it easy to snap and store photos on the device on the spot.

“Once cell phones came out, I had this barrage of people coming to me with photos of pets on their mobile phones, and all of sudden the stuffed animal adoption activity grew even more than before,” explained Zdeb. “I got on rummage sale lists for stuff animal donations, and folks were eagerly showing us pictures of their animals stored on their cell phones in order to get a free prize. The free prize was to pick out a stuffed animal to adopt.”

Love Your Pet Adopt an Animal.jpg  Love Your Pet booth two.jpg

Zdeb explained that in the process she is teaching folks the concept of adopting an animal (in this case, the animal is stuffed) while at the same time visitors to her 4-H table are showing her team how much they really love their pet.

“Now we have everyone coming to us mainly with their cell phones showing us a photo of their pet saved to their mobile device,” said Zdeb. “It’s cool and endearing because folks tend to talk about their pet for hours with us, and we see how much they really do love them.”

Lorraine Zdeb Owner Love Your Pet LLC.jpg

Lorraine Zdeb, Owner, Love Your Pet LLC

Zdeb had so many stuffed animals by donation this year, it took her team two days just to set up, and she expects to maintain the momentum in the future. Visit Love Your Pet, LLC online to learn more about their pet sitting services, find pet food products, and meet the team.

The Somerset County 4-H Fair took place Aug. 9-11, 2017, at North Branch Park, Milltown Road, Bridgewater, New Jersey. It typically takes place every August. Hope to see you at the Somerset County 4-H Fair next year!

Susan, Taurus and Gemini