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Easter Bunny Caution

Posted by SusanStokes on April 6, 2012

The gift of a pet rabbit for Easter is not a wise decision.

With the Easter holiday upon us, the idea of cute bunnies and chicks as “Easter presents” is quite appealing so some.  However, giving these animals as gifts can be deadly to the animals.  Here is why:

Rabbits require the same amount of care and attention as a dog or cat. If you are a responsible pet owner, do you leave your dog or cat unattended for hours on end without interaction or exercise? Think about it. Local shelters are inundated with bunnies, ducklings and chicks right after Easter, and many wind up being euthanized. At the beginning of April, Petfinder has been known to report more than 5,157 orphaned bunnies waiting for their forever home.

I also found myself writing about orphaned rabbits in my New Jersey Animal Rescue column on Examiner. It is a story about domestic rabbits who were abandoned in a park. Obviously the owner was overwhelmed and perhaps he/she thought the domesticated rabbits could survive like wild rabbits in the park. These little guys would have died an untimely death had they not been rescued and taken to the local animal shelter. Below is a photo of Prancer, one of the domestic rabbits found abandoned in Colonial Park in December, 2011.


Photo credit: Second Chance for Animals

Like your dog and cat, domestic rabbits require a lot of space to run, play and dig. They also need protection from predators if left outside. Domestic rabbits also crave companionship, just like humans, dogs and cats.

If you must choose a domestic rabbit as a new member of your household, remember, Adopt, Don't Shop. The shelters are overwhelmed with loving pets just waiting for suitable homes, and there is no need to ever buy a pet if you don’t have to. And please, stick to stuffed animals, colored eggs and candies for your Easter Basket and gift-giving.

Have a pleasant Easter holiday.

Susan, Taurus and Gemini