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by: Susan Stokes

National Feral Cat Day

Posted by SusanStokes on October 17, 2011

Feral Cat Day Fun Fair

As many of you know, October 16th was declared National Feral Cat Day by Alley Cat Allies.  To quote from their latest post on their website “We started this day 11 years ago to raise awareness about feral cats and Trap-Neuter-Return.

Today, thousands of Americans are showing their compassion for cats at more than 345 events in communities from coast to coast! Thank you for making this the most successful National Feral Cat Day to date.

Poster_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0004.JPG   Alley_Cat_Allies_and_CAPIC_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0008.JPG

The amazing outpouring of enthusiasm, support, and compassion from around the country demonstrates loudly and clearly that Americans want humane treatment for cats. With your help, we far exceeded our goal of 250 events this year, making National Feral Cat Day 2011 the biggest in history.”

This year’s motto for National Feral Cat Day is “Compassion for Cats: Coast to Coast.” To do our part here in New Jersey, C.A.P.I.C. and Belle Mead Animal Hospital joined together to stage a Feral Cat Fun Day on Saturday, October 15th.

Fun_Fair_shot_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0018.JPG   CAPIC_Banner_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0003.JPG 

Belle_Meads_Table_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0021.JPG   Cat_in_the_Hat_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day_069.jpg

I volunteered to help with this event, and had a great time in the process from set up to finish.  Kudos to Hope Valenti and Rhonda Baginski of C.A.P.I.C. and all the C.A.P.I.C. volunteers.  Also a big thank you to Dr. Martins for his support and use of his property to stage the event.

Highlights of the day included:

Alley Cat from Rescue Ink.  Did anyone see the Rescue Ink Unleashed  reality series that premiered on September 25, 2009 on the National Geographic Channel?  The series featured a Long Island-based animal welfare organization, called Rescue Ink. The group is made up of heavily tattooed motorcycle riders who work to combat animal cruelty and rescue animals in need.

Greeting_Alley_Cat_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0015.JPG Alley_Cat_and_Hope_Valenti_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0076.JPG Rescue_ink_jacket_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0066.JPG

There was plenty of food, games and prize drawings, including:  Guess the Pumpkin Weight, Knock Down the Graveyard Tombstones, Guess the Number of Super Balls in the Jar, Frisbee Toss, Kerplunk!, Black Cat Ring Toss, Buzz, Mini Golf Putting Course, Story Time and Face Painting.

Food_to_eat__2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0027.JPG Games_five_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0056.JPG Games_three_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0030.JPG Game_toss_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0041.JPG Prize_Drawings_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0072.JPG

Vendors included Top Quality Pet Sitting and Reiki Paws.  CAPIC displayed their own Jewelry for sale with all proceeds benefitting CAPIC.

CAPIC_Jewelry_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0010.JPG Dog_two_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0068.JPG Dogs_too_2011_Feral_Cat_Fun_Day0040.JPG

It was great to the families turn out with their children to participate in the activities and become more aware of the Feral Cat TNR efforts at the same time.  And dogs were welcome too!

Of course, there were several cats and kittens up for adoption.  Here are some photos of those brought out on Feral Cat Fun Day, and more adoptable cats and kittens been seen on the CAPIC Cats website found on our Resources page.


I would love to hear back from anyone who also participated in our day, and others who hosted similar events around the state and country.

Looking forward to National Feral Cat Day 2012!

Susan, Taurus and Gemini



Posted by H. Valenti on
Thanks to all the CAPIC volunteers and friends we had a wonderful Feral Cat Day event. Belle Mead Animal Hospital was the perfect venue for the day. We will be having adoption days one Saturday a month at BMAH from 1:30-5:00 pm so please spread the word. Next adoption day is Sat. Oct. 29. Please come down and find your furever friend. All of our kittens are raised in foster homes and quite friendly. All you need to do is add your love and we are all happy. Email catnabber1@yahoo.com or visit our website www.capic.webstarts.com or our petfinder page www.petfinder.com/shelter/NJ690.html

and thanks to Susan for doing this blog and volunteering.
Posted by M. Matthews on
The Feral Cat day at Belle Mead Animal Hospital was fun and educational. I learned quite a bit about the Feral TNR and that there are many passionate cat people. I have 4 cats myself, but none feral. I always thought feral were wild and had to stay in the wild forever. But now I understand and praise all the members of CAPIC for a job well done!!!!
Posted by Joan on
Thank you Susan for adding our Capic event to your blog and for helping out that day. I look forward to participating in National Feral Cat day 2012 also!
Posted by Susan on
You are welcome! Happy to help!
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