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Thanksgiving Giving Thanks

Posted by SusanStokes on November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks for our Pets

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, like so many others I feel compelled to think about what I am thankful for this holiday season.  Alley Cat Allies had a nice idea to offer out their "Thanksgiving Gallery" opportunity to give supporters a voice and chance to display their special cat photos.  I took that opportunity myself, so I hope to see my post very soon.  In the meantime, I decided to highlight here in more detail what I give thanks for with regard to my pets.

First, I am thankful for the joy they bring to my life.  Even though they are brothers, they each have their very own personalities and special gifts.  Their individuality is what makes them interesting, fun and just plain lovable.

Taurus recognizes that the phone is a device for talking.  So the moment I pick it up either after it rings or to dial out, he begins to talk himself!  Many times I put the earpiece next to his mouth so the person on the other end can hear the conversation he is making.  He does not always cooperate, but sometimes he does!  I swear he understands English perfectly, and he does his best to communicate back in “cat tongue.”


Gemini just loves to play!  His favorite toys are jingle balls, and he will run all over the house chasing them as I throw one after another.  And if I am busy, he often comes over to me with a certain “meow” that I learned  means “I want to play!”   Alternatively, he sits by his toy baskets with the same “meow”, and I know that he wants me to throw the balls or play chase with the stringed toy. 


While Taurus is busy taking his afternoon snooze, Gemini is often roaming the house looking for the next play adventure.

Gemini_Mouse_one.JPG Gemini_Mouse_two.JPG

When Taurus was a kitten, he had a deep curiosity for the commode.  Twice he fell in while investigating!  Luckily I was close by and pulled him out quickly and dried him off, but I became very careful in always keeping the lid down, as this is what happens if I don't:


Gemini’s first athletic act as a small kitten was to run straight for the patio screen and plaster himself there with all fours!  And he still does that today – all 12 pounds of him!  Thank goodness for “Pet  Screen,” and more on that later.  It really does work.

Second, I am thankful that they make my house feel like a home.  If they are not at the door when I walk in, they are running down the stairs to greet me.  They add purpose to my life and provide companionship when humans are absent.  Sometimes they just sit on my lap together and purr away.  Hard not to feel peaceful when there is harmonic purring going on! 


In fact, Taurus is sitting on my wrist right now, but I have learned to type with one wrist down, as he likes to be close and usually takes this opportunity when I am working on the laptop.


This holiday, no matter what your state in life, I hope you, too, find something, someone, some pet to be thankful for.  Feel free to share with us in comments below!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Susan, Taurus and Gemini



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