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Birds Managing a Winter Snow Squall

Posted by SusanStokes on February 8, 2020

Sitting here working while facing my office window, I had the opportunity to witness how birds managed a snow quall. First, let’s understand what a snow squall is, as they are distinct from snow flurries or blizzards.

Snow squalls can be the worst of weather conditions because they are quick-hitting and can travel up to 60 mph. A snow squall can cross an area in less than one hour with whiteout conditions, while the accumulation of snow can be significant. They have even been known to be accompanied by lightening.

Thankfully, the snow squall I witnessed was not the worst of the worst, and the birds seemed to manage pretty well, intent on feeding while the weather conditions persisted.

Below is a clip of the birds managing the snow squall. Remember to Subscribe for more!