Is This Cat Feral?

Posted by SusanStokes on November 12, 2011

ASPCA Research: Is This Cat Feral?

I like to walk for exercise and to get some sun. So I walk around my neighborhood a few times a week.  I would say nine times out of ten while I am walking I see a cat outdoors.  Sometimes the cat is sitting on a porch or lawn that I assume is his owner's property, and sometimes the cat is in a field or bushes and jumps away as I approach.  Then I think, "Is this cat Feral?"

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Veterans Day is for Dogs Too

Posted by SusanStokes on November 11, 2011

A Salute To Military Working Dogs

On this November 11th, I wanted to say a few words about our Military Working Dogs.  I did not know much myself about this subject until it was brought to my attention back in 2008 while watching ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.  At the end of the program, a website was mentioned where one could go to adopt a retired Military Dog.

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Puss in Boots 3D

Posted by SusanStokes on November 9, 2011

Stray Cat Hero Gets Two Thumbs Up!

Time for a little fun and levity! Puss in Boots 3D, a Shrek spinoff, is a real treat for both children and adults.  Donning my 3D glasses last night, I was happily amused, amazed and most of the time, in awe.  This movie begins with Puss in kittenhood, explains how he got his name and explains how this little stray cat became a hero in the end. 

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On Pet Negligence

Posted by SusanStokes on November 5, 2011

Update on Firu's Case...

Warning.....the photo you are about to see is disturbing to say the least.  Please prepare yourself to view the outcome of one of the most unthinkable acts of negligence toward an innocent dog.

SAVE Stroll for Strays

Posted by SusanStokes on October 30, 2011

Braving Mother Nature to Launch SAVE Pet Fair

Yes, right in time for Halloween, Mother Nature played a Trick on SAVE Animal Shelter this year.  She brought us a nor'easter on October 29, the day of our First Annual Stroll for Strays Dog Walk and Pet Fair.  With no scheduled rain date, the SAVE team and volunteers played a Trick on Mother Nature.  We showed up and staged the event!

SAVE's Halloween Dog Parade

Posted by SusanStokes on October 24, 2011

9th Annual Halloween Dog Parade a Howling Good Time!

Hi Everyone,

I must admit, I had never gone to a Halloween Dog Parade before.  I saw clips of a New York based parade on TV the day before, but nothing beats "being there!"

Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Posted by SusanStokes on October 22, 2011

Frankie, A Pit Bull Success Story

Hi Everyone,

Since I have been volunteering for SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals, I have learned a lot.  Being a cat owner, I am certainly no expert on dogs, and I realize that Pit Bulls get a lot of bad press, and I mean a lot!

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National Feral Cat Day

Posted by SusanStokes on October 17, 2011

Feral Cat Day Fun Fair

As many of you know, October 16th was declared National Feral Cat Day by Alley Cat Allies.  To quote from their latest post on their website “We started this day 11 years ago to raise awareness about feral cats and Trap-Neuter-Return.

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Inspiration New Beginnings...

Posted by SusanStokes on October 3, 2011

Kitty's Story

Kitty was the feral cat I took into my home and domesticated.  Yes, he learned to purr, sit on my lap and enjoy being petted and brushed, snuggle on my shoulder, and curl up in bed at night.  I was extremely patient with him, and we took each day step-by-step.

Introducing Gemini Universal LLC

Posted by SusanStokes on September 8, 2011

Getting Started.....

Hello and Welcome to Gemini Universal LLC.

As a freelance writer, my goal with this site is not only to highlight my services to others, but to inform, enlighten, and  sometimes entertain you with information and news about animals and pets. The topics will range from my own experiences at events and fundraisers as well as news about pet health, animal rescue, animal welfare, endangered species, conservation and climate change. We are all connected.

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