Honoring our 9/11 Canine Heroes

Posted by SusanStokes on September 11, 2012

Let’s not forget the brave dogs who helped during this tragedy…

The events of 9/11 affected so many lives and will continue to affect so many lives for years to come.  Today we remember the men and women who lost their lives 12 years ago today and the brave first responders who answered the call for help. What I want to highlight here is how our brave canine friends assisted through the search and rescue efforts.  Following are some links to stories and photos that we cannot forget.

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An introduction to Natural Horsemanship

Posted by SusanStokes on August 15, 2012

The natural approach to horse training…

My journey through the animal rescue world has given me the opportunity to learn more about horses and horse rescue.  I have also learned something about proper horse training and the method called “Natural Horsemanship.”  What follows is an introduction to this method for those of you who are not familiar.

Africa Weeks for the Animals

Posted by SusanStokes on August 3, 2012

Celebrating the diversity and welfare of our African animal friends…

So far, the majority of my posts have been focused on what’s happening close to home, with the exception of Lennox.  However, there are animals in need all over the world, and I thought it was time to take a look at what other countries and cities are doing to help.  For instance, August 4 kicks off the “Third Annual Africa Weeks for the Animals.”  Let’s take a closer look at this event and what it has to offer.

Lennox, Rest in Peace

Posted by SusanStokes on July 11, 2012

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Dogs and July Fourth fireworks don’t mix

Posted by SusanStokes on July 4, 2012

Protect your pooch from July Fourth festivities…

Did you know that there is a 30% increase in lost pets during the time frame of July 4 through July 6 each year?  There is a reason for this.  Notice how your dog reacts to noises around him. Many dogs get quite excited over the slightest sound and fearful during thunder storms.  July Fourth fireworks can push your pooch over the edge.  You’ll find him running for cover when you are having the time of your life enjoying all the July Fourth activities.

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Help Feral Cats during Animal Rights Awareness Week

Posted by SusanStokes on June 17, 2012

Resources available in New Jersey to benefit feral cats...

Today marks the start of Animal Rights Awareness Week, June 17-23.  As the welfare of feral cats issue is close to my heart, I thought I would point out some local resources to help these special cats in need of support.

It’s National Hug Your Cat Day, again

Posted by SusanStokes on June 4, 2012

Cats get a double shot of hugs this year....

What I like about “National Hug Your Cat Day” is that we get to celebrate it not once, but twice this year.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  Maybe we should celebrate more holidays twice a year. There are proven health benefits to hugging your cat, so a double-dose of hugs may be just what we need to keep healthy and stay in shape.  Here’s why:

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It’s National Hug Your Cat Day, or is it?

Posted by SusanStokes on May 30, 2012

Did you hug your cat today?

There seems to be more and more holidays to celebrate with regard to our pets, and “National Hug Your Cat Day” is one of my favorites, of course.  I originally found it noted on May 30, but there seems to be a conflict on other calendars, and it is scheduled again for June 4.  So why not celebrate more than once?

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Happy Birthday Gemini and Taurus!

Posted by SusanStokes on April 25, 2012

Calculating Cat age into Human age…

Happy Birthday Gemini and Taurus!  Although I don’t know the exact day the kittens were born (being feral and all), I always mark their birthdays each year sometime around April 20 since I do know they were born approximately the same week of the passing of my previous cat, Kitty.  It’s hard for me to believe that this year they turn seven.  So just how old is this in human years?

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Celebrating Earth Day with our Pets

Posted by SusanStokes on April 22, 2012

Vote for Max A Pooch, The Recycled Dog Who Recycles

The first Earth Day celebration took place in 1970 by channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns front and center, according to the Earth Day Network. Now, forty-two years later, Earth Day continues to raise awareness with regard to environmental concerns and “green” living.  How do our pets factor into this movement?