The ElleVet Project is the nonprofit arm of the science-focused pet CBD+CBDA company ElleVet Sciences. Those working for the project travel throughout the United States in its branded 32 foot RV dubbed the ElleVan. The organization collaborates with city officials and municipalities to host a rotating team of compassionate and professional veterinarians to provide free veterinary care to the most vulnerable animals. 

Guinea Pigs in Need of Forever Homes

Posted by SusanStokes on December 23, 2021

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) and animal welfare organizations across California are experiencing an uptick in guinea pig populations in their care. Overall, this increase is a result of "owner surrenders," meaning the pet was relinquished to a shelter by an owners who could no longer care for the animal. 

Something to Celebrate at Khayelitsha Animal Clinic

Posted by SusanStokes on November 12, 2021

In the mid-1990's, a Khayelitsha community member recognized that his neighbors did not know how to care for their pets. He took a shopping trolly and went door-to-door, feeding dogs and cats and educating people on their pets’ needs. Mr Joe Manchu soon attracted volunteers including many community children. A bath was donated which was used for dipping pets with fleas and ticks. Thereafter a shipping container was donated which became the first ever animal clinic in Khayelitsha. 

Creating Greater Awareness for Pet Obesity

Posted by SusanStokes on October 15, 2021

Did you know that recent statistics show that obesity is diagnosed in an estimated 56% of dogs in the United States and is the most common medical disorder in veterinary practice? Pet obesity is such an important threat to a pet's health and well-being that October 13th is designated as National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

Custom Weight Loss Program for Dogs

Posted by SusanStokes on September 28, 2021

A technology company called DogYears has a mission to help pet owners get their 50+ million overweight and obese dogs in the United States down to their healthy weight. DogYears has worked closely with veterinarians to develop a powerful, easy to follow, tech-enabled solution to provide dog owners a custom program for their dog’s weight loss. 

Campaign Educates Canadians About Pet Skin Health

Posted by SusanStokes on August 15, 2021

A joint initiative between the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology (CAVD), CEVA, Zoetis and Royal Canin aims to educate and encourage pet owners about their pet's skin health. The campaign is called The Empathy for Itch.

Bark in the Park Night is Back!

Posted by SusanStokes on July 24, 2021

After a long hiatus due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, Bark in the Park Night returned to the TD Bank Ballpark for the Somerset Patriots 2021 Season, much to the delight of dog owners and sports fans.

Meet the Beautiful Hummingbird Moth

Posted by SusanStokes on July 12, 2021

The first time we spotted the Hummingbird Moth, we didn't know what it was. It took a few videos, photos, a little time and research to learn this beautiful creature's name and something about its habits. Following is a brief introduction.

Meet the Periodical Brood X Cicada

Posted by SusanStokes on June 16, 2021

It’s been 17 years since the last emergence of the Brood X Cicada. In May and June of 2021, these periodical cicadas have emerged in mass in the Princeton, New Jersey area. We had a chance to observe them up close and personal.

Introducing the Turtle

Posted by SusanStokes on May 21, 2021

During our daily creek walks, we’ve discovered turtles live there. They are not always visible, but when we are lucky, we find one or more sunning themselves on a nice day. This led us to learn more about these fascinating creatures.