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The Circle of Life - Rest in Peace Canada Goose

Posted by SusanStokes on May 3, 2019

This was an unusual day. I personally have never seen Canada geese families walking around my own townhome development. They typically reside about a 15 minute walk away in another development near a pond where I have gone to observe them. Yet today, my neighbor found one lone and stumbling Canada goose near his vehicle parked along the main road running through our development and near my home.

The goose was in obvious distress, seemingly unable to fly and barely able to walk. My neighbor helped by gently ushering the goose off the road and into the lawn area, and immediately called the local police to get help for the goose. A friendly, kind-hearted officer came over, and he in turn contacted St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center for help. That’s when I arrived to hear the story of what had occurred to that point. I took a few photos, said a few prayers, and ran home to finish a few things so I could return and offer any assistance.

Canada Goose One May 3 2019.jpg  Canada Goose Two May 3 2019.jpg

To my dismay upon my return, the goose had passed away and my neighbor and policeman were gone. Now what to do? I called St. Hubert’s again and found out that the Animal Control Officer had been tied up with another matter and was unable to make it out to our development before the animal had passed. She was kind enough to express her regret, but also informed me it was no longer her responsibility to remove the body since it had passed. She advised to call Public Works. So I did. The gentleman informed me that because the goose had passed on private property, to contact the management company. So I did. The management company informed me it was not their responsibility, and to contact Animal Control. So I called St. Hubert’s back. The kind gentleman on the other end of the line told me again, unfortunately, they could not remove the Canada Goose body. By that point in time, I discovered the body turned over, another mystery to me.

Canada Goose Three May 3 2019.jpg  Canada Goose Four May 3 2019.jpg

How sad this is for me to write about, but every now and then I come across a mysteriously fallen bird, or cat or squirrel stuck down by a car, and I wonder why at that point in time they passed and why I was meant to share in their recent passing to the next life or dimension. 

One thing I learned about Canada geese is that they mate for life and share in raising their young. Where is the mate for this goose today? Is he/she taking refuge with his/her family in mourning for the loss of his/her mate as humans do? 

I approached the neighbor who originally found the sick or injured Canada Goose to let him know about the phone calls I made to try to have the remains humanely removed. He was busy with family and pets at the time, and he promised he might try to move the body to a better resting area.

I’m not sure what will happen next. Will the circle of life play out with the local vulchers eventually finding the carcass for a healthy meal?  Perhaps that is the fate of this goose and his/her contribution to the Circle of Life. 

Rest in Peace Canada Goose.  You became my totem for today.

Susan and Gemini


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