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At, our readers will find an array of subject material regarding animals intended to inform, educate and help promote animal welfare causes. Sometimes we write original content based on our own point of view; sometimes we are asked to share content you have written; and sometimes we curate content from others that we find interesting and valuable. We make every effort to link to the original article and give credit where due. We hope those we link to take this as a compliment because we have found something useful, interesting and valuable enough to share. We will try not to publish more than what is needed to communicate the essence of an article written by others that we reference.

We have read that critics of content curation argue that the practice is a poor substitute for content creation on the part of the website, and a poor substitute for individual research on the part of the writer posting to the website. However, we believe sharing a link to someone’s article or content should be taken as a compliment for great writing and useful information, and sharing it on our site only helps to educate a wider audience.

Please contact us at if you have content you would like us to share. In the same spirit, please contact us if you would prefer the link to your article or research we have referenced not be used on our site. We will respect your request and remove it as soon as possible. If we don't respond immediately, please write again as we may simply be busy attending events or working on other projects.

At Gemini Universal LLC, we believe that social sharing of valuable online content only extends the reach, impact, and ultimately the effectiveness of the original content. Since we are dedicated to the well-being of animals worldwide, we are ultimately trying to educate and extend the reach of valuable information for social good – we always try to remain true to our goal.

Also, if you like an article on our site, we will be pleased that you share it with a link and credit back to Gemini Universal LLC, especially if it will help raise awareness about animal abuse, the value of pet adoption, or help educate pet owners in any way. Any encouragement for interested readers to visit the original article on our site will be most appreciated. We believe that everyone benefits when social sharing is done respectfully and honestly.

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