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Ferret Fascination

Posted by SusanStokes on May 5, 2015

Know what today is? No, it’s not Woof Wednesday or Meow Monday. It’s Ferret Day!

Actually, there appears to be at least two Ferret Days. The first being recognized on April 2 here in the United States, and again on May 5 in the U.K.  At least that's what we heard from the AAHA Facebook page. All the better to help raise awareness about these interesting animals and encourage folks to learn more about pet ferret  care and good husbandry.


I was lucky enough to meet a young lady at the 2015 Super Pet Expo in Edison, New Jersey, who had adopted an abandoned ferret in need. She was showing off her new pet to the crowd and was happy to give me some details about her new best friend.  Following is a video interview. When better to air this than on Ferret Day. 


Susan, Taurus and Gemini





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