St. Patrick’s Day Parades Showcase Rescue Dogs

Posted by SusanStokes on March 14, 2012

Find a new “Furever” Friend at a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Looking for a new “furever” friend?  Maybe you will find the dog of your dreams at one of New Jersey’s St. Patrick’s Day Parades.  According to a recent article published by, New Jersey has organized more St. Patrick’s Day parades than any other state. The parades are a “purrfect” opportunity for Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups to showcase their adoptable dogs.

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Westminster Kennel Club: Rescue Friend or Foe?

Posted by SusanStokes on February 27, 2012

WKC drops Pedigree shelter advertisements

I was lucky enough this year to be able to attend the 136th Annual Westminster Kennel Club (WKC) Dog Show in Madison Square Garden on February 14.  It was a great experience, but as many of us know, in the animal rescue world there is a lot of controversy about this event and the motivations of the WKC since they dropped Pedigree as their main advertiser.  It was a change that made me wonder:  Is the WKC a rescue friend or foe?

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Family Fun at the Super Pet Expo

Posted by SusanStokes on February 16, 2012

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles…oh my!

The Super Pet Expo in Edison, New Jersey, February 10-12 far exceeded my expectations.  There were many more types of pets to see than dogs and cats.  There were birds, fish, reptiles, ferrets...a whole community of pet owners and their pets came together for this event.  The truly great thing about the Super Pet Expo was the number of rescue groups that were exhibiting.  Many brought their adoptable pets that were ready for new homes.

Getting Ready for Puppy Bowl VIII

Posted by SusanStokes on February 5, 2012

Puppy Bowl VIII airs today on Animal Planet

This is a very special day.  While all the human sports fans out there are getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday, I am joining all my pet enthusiast friends to watch Puppy Bowl VIII on Animal Planet.

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National Pet Dental Health Month

Posted by SusanStokes on January 30, 2012

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Pets need dental care just like humans.  I know that for a fact, as I did have an unfortunate dental experience with my senior cat many years ago, and I do agree that looking after your pet’s teeth is of utmost importance when establishing a pet wellness routine.

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National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

Posted by SusanStokes on January 22, 2012

Are you listening to your cat today?

Check your calendar, folks. Today is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.  That’s right.  The one day of the year that your feline friend gets your undivided attention and you tell it like it is. 

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National Train Your Dog Month

Posted by SusanStokes on January 14, 2012

January is National Train Your Dog Month

This month there are lots of activities online to help you learn more about your dog, and even your cat and rabbit.  I had the opportunity to connect with Mychelle Blake, MSW, CDBC, Executive Director, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and following is what I was able to publish in my Examiner column with regard to this subject.

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Fun with New Years Resolutions

Posted by SusanStokes on January 3, 2012

Looking at the brighter side...

Ok. It is time to make those resolutions, and I have been procrastinating - reading others’ thoughts, pondering what to resolve.  One gentleman interviewed on TV said he does not keep resolutions, therefore he does not make them anymore.  Another brand consultant tweeted that resolutions should be made every day of the year, not just at year-end.  So I decided just to have some fun.

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Yoga and Pets

Posted by SusanStokes on December 28, 2011

Asanas for Animals and More

I was always interested in fitness, dancing, and the Eastern way of thought, so incorporating a regular yoga practice into my life was a natural progression as I searched for different ways to stay physically fit and healthy.  Lucky for me, yoga has become very popular in our Western world and classes are easy to find.  But lately I have noticed another trend, and that is combining yoga practice with pets and to benefit pets.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Posted by SusanStokes on December 18, 2011

Is Your Christmas Tree Safe for Pets?

I love everything about the Christmas holiday: the lights, the glitter, the gift exchanges, the parties.  But most of all, I love the Christmas trees.  All of them - every shape, size and color.  But so do my cats.  To them the Christmas tree is like a toy box full of fun and surprises.  But is it safe play?